How I did the Joker Make-up

Hey guys so I’m back with another post, something a bit different.. I created this look the other day and thought i’d share it with you.

This has been on my list of looks i’ve wanted to create since halloween last year but I just ran out of time and didn’t get round to doing it.

This look is sooo easy and anyone can recreate it so I thought I’d explain what I done and what I used incase anyone wanted to do it too.

First of all I took something called rigid collodion to create the jokers famous smile. This is something SFX artists use all the time but anyone can use it, it’s super easy! All you do it paint it on the skin and it drys and tightens creating a scarred effect. You can layer this as much as you want to create the desired scar depth. (Give each layer at least 30 seconds to dry). This stuff is fab for creating the jokers famous scarred mouth but you can of course skip this step as rigid collodion can be a bit pricey. 

Next (after making sure the rigid collodion has dried)I took the Snazaroo white face paint and coated my whole face apart from the eyes and lips. I used a wet beauty blender to apply it. I’d say 1/2 coats is enough because the messy unevenness adds to the look.

I then took a black eyeshadow and applied it messily all over the lid, crease and under eye. I didn’t use primer as you want this to look messy and thrown on. I also added black liner to my waterline. 

Finally I put a red lipstick (I used Mac Ruby Woo) all over my lips and along the extended smile I created in the first step. I made sure the lipstick was smudged and uneven. I then went in with a small brush and added a dark red eyeshadow and a tiny bit of black to the centre of the rigid collodion to create depth.

To complete the look I sprayed my hair with a green wash out hair spray that I got around Halloween time from Poundland and edited my hoodie to be purple-ish because apparently I don’t own any purple clothing.

This look is brilliant for beginners because you don’t need many products or any special make-up skills. The messier the better!