Lilac Loving

This is a new type of post I’m trying and it’s my favourite beauty items from different colour themes. So this first one is lilac! 🦄 Lilac is one of my favourite colours and also happens to be the colour of some of my favourite products. I haven’t seen anyone do anything like this before so let me know your opinions.

First up the John Frieda colour renew tone-correcting shampoo and conditioner. This can be quite pricey I’ve seen it selling for around £8 each. I never pay that for it! You can always find it on sale somewhere and I’ve recently discovered amazon sell it for £3.99. 

This shampoo and conditioner combo works wonders on my hair and you can see a massive change in 1 wash. I have tried many purple shampoos and this by far is my favourite. It’s fab for blonde hair that goes brassy fast like mine.

Next is my Jeffree Star mirror in the colour ‘blow pony’. Honestly there’s nothing special about this item its just your average hand held mirror but I love the colour. 

Another Jeffree Star item is my liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Self control ‘. As you can imagine lilac is not a colour I wear often but if I do then this is the one I choose. Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks in general are amazing and I buy them whenever I can. Something you may not know about these lipsticks are that they are eye safe meaning you can use them as eyeliner and in the waterline. That makes these products multifunctional and worth every penny in my opinion. They are also cruelty free which is a bonus. 

Next up is my tangle teezer. Tangle teezers in my opinion are the best brushes around. They are better for your hair than the average hair brush because they don’t pull on the hair as much. I now have 5 of these brushes in different colours scattered everywhere. What makes the lilac one a bit more special is that it is the ‘Thick and curly’ version meaning the bristles are longer and it makes brushing my hair that little bit smoother. These normally retail for around £11 but you can sometimes find different colours and sizes for a bit cheaper.

The next 2 items are both perfumes. The first one in the square bottle Is the Zara fragrance in the scent ‘twilight mauve’. This perfume is only £9.99 for 100ml. (Im rubbish at explaining scents so this is how Zara explains it..) “The scent reveals notes of magnolia, apple and lily. It’s a fresh, luminous and comfortable fragrance”. Unfortunately it is an Eau de Toilette meaning it doesn’t last that long but for that price I don’t mind spraying it multiple times a day.

The other fragrance is Gucci Bamboo. Now this one is an Eau de Parfum meaning it lasts a lot longer than the the Zara one. It is described as being strong yet graceful and has top notes of Italian Bergamot and Orange Blossom. Prices range from £49-£90 depending on the size you get. I always get compliments from this one too so I think a lot of people would like it. 

The next item is one of my all time favourite setting sprays. Urban Decay All Nighter. This spray is amazing and takes away any cakeyness from my face as well as prolonging the longevity of my makeup.

Last but one is the Mac eyeshadow in the shade ‘Beautiful Iris’. Good quality lilac eyeshadows are hard to find. This is the best one I have found so far.

The last item is a bit silly and I wasn’t going to include it but I do genuinely always use them and its the invisi bobbles in the scent macarons. Yes you read that right I did say scent, they actually smell! I prefer this style of bobble as I have never had one break on me and they don’t leave that weird kink in your hair when you take them out. You can buy them from a lot of places including primark. You of course don’t have to get the invisi bobble brand I was just drawn to the colour.